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Tennis Trakker Score FX

Ever want to be on the tennis court surrounded by the sounds, laughter and applause that the pros enjoy? With FX, just sit back, put on a pair of headphones and play a game of tennis like you're on the open court.

Be awed, amused and even disappointed by the sound of your towering serve. Hear the hustle of your opponent. Soak up the admiration from the crowd. Argue with the line judge and maybe even throw a tantrum or two.

And if you're a tennis fan, keep accurate score of your match with FX's intuitive scoring interface. It's fun, easy and accurate--and FX is a great introduction to Portapple's family of Tennis Trakker products.

Turn the sound off and Tennis Trakker Score FX lets you track the outcome of each point with our easy to use interface. Keeping track of a tennis score has never been easier and statistical overview is one tap away.



1. Tap on "1st serve in" or "2nd serve in" icon before the serve takes place. You can always go back and change your choice if the serve was not in.

2. Timer is to watch the time it takes between points. The server has 25 seconds between points.

3. You can quit the program at any time and go back. Your data will still be there.

4. You can listen to music while using Tennis Trakker Score.

5. You can send us an email or visit our web site by tapping on the appropriate link in the Tennis Trakker Score About screen.



How do I setup a new match?

Tap on the New Match button, then tap on Players’ names fields to enter their names. Tap on the tennis ball to choose who will start serving. Enter the event location and choose scoring rules. When ready, tap on Play in the tab bar to start the match.


How do I record the score?

The score is automatically recorded based on your choice of icons.


I made a mistake, how can I correct it?

Once you tap “Ok” on any of the alert boxes, you cannot go back. However, until you commit to the point, you can always go back.


How do you do "No ad" scoring?

The app doesn't support 'no ad' scoring but there's a work-around. At deuce, once you know who won the next point, use "Edit Games" to update the game score.


Why can you only edit games?

That’s the best way to move forward in a match if you missed certain part of it. The set score will be adjusted accordingly.


Why aren’t you supporting 8 game pro-set or other combinations?

The current scoring rules are for this release. However, you could always use the “Edit Games” to customize the number of games played.


How do I keep track of stats?

The application keeps track of the stats automatically. Every time you commit to a point, the application will record it and you can view the report anytime by tapping on “Stats” in the tab bar.


How are my stats saved?

Your stats are saved automatically by the application so you don’t have to worry about it.


Can I track a doubles match?

Yes, however statistics and points are saved for each team, not the individual players.


How do I force an end of match because of injury or other reasons?

Use “Edit Games” then tap on the name of the player that will win by default.






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