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Tennis: Winning Smartly

The majority of tennis players are well prepared physically, technically and even tactically during tournaments. But only a very few number of them have the mental toughness they need to edge out their opponents, mostly in crucial moments.


Have any of the following happened to you or someone you know:

  1. lost to a considered “much weaker opponent”?
  2. lost more matches than winning them against same level opponents?
  3. led a set at 4-1 or 5-2 or 5-3 and ended up losing it at 5-7 or 6-7?
  4. got frustrated because of one bad line call then lost focus and thus the match?
  5. got frustrated because of missing an “easy” shot then lost focus and thus the match?
  6. lost a match when having one or more match points in your favor?
  7. lost a match after winning the first set in a best out of three set match?
  8. gave up because you’re discouraged?
  9. got out of breath when loosing an important point?
  10. felt “weak” on important points when about to deliver a second serve?
  11. lost in tie-breaks?
  12. been too sensitive to the environment (wind, sun, noise, heckling, etc.)?


It is true that many more resources are available to train an athlete physically, technically and tactically. However, the mental aspects of the game are often neglected because they are not as well known as their physical counter parts. Yet, top athletes work on their mental game regularly so that their brain gets tougher for peak performance during competition. What can you do to perform your best mentally during a match?

These easy-to-use guidelines (that you can carry with you all the time) will help you become a mentally tougher athlete. This reference is broken down by topic with training tips and techniques. You owe it to your tennis brain to get this straightforward mental toughness guide.

Note that getting this guide alone will not make you mentally tougher, you’ll need to practice these tips and techniques regularly and apply them during competition.


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